officer big mouth EP


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also available on CD or as Tape with additional second cover art!
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released April 14, 2017

aufgenommen von M. im Proberaum
Mix + Mastering: David Fernandez Arguelles
Artwork: M.




FAT & ANGRY Bremen, Germany

29.6. Loser Youth-EP-Relese / Rote Flora Hamburg

22.9. - Punk aufm Dorf Festival Otti

vier menschen aus bremen, die angepisstheit mit einem augenzwinkern verbinden... Keith Morris uneheliche Stiefkinder quasi...
four dudes from bremen/germany combining angry 80s hc punk with a fist in the air and a tongue in cheek... Keith Morris illegitimate stepchildren you could say...
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Track Name: officer big mouth
officer big mouth show me your badge
when i see you my fists will get clenched
to many times showed it down our throats
that we´ll take revenge you often were told

this time it´s over / no place to hide
this time it´s over / lets start to fight
and now it´s time to restart the game
Track Name: roadkill zombies
twist the key / ignition starts
humans turn to mindless fucks
twist the keys / ignition starts
and now you are one of them

you were nice / all the time
bought me ice / made me feel fine

twist the key...

roadkill zombies from your graves
you shall rise and make them slaves
roadkill zombies stand by me
kill them all and set me free

twist the key...
Track Name: don´t piss on my neck and tell me it´s raining
you walk straight up to me and tell me something i already know
you walk straight up to me and tell me something that is so obvious i don´t wanna hear...

why can´t you just be the one that you are?
without any shit / without any tricks
like you and me / we all make mistakes
you try to play big but are nothing instead

what´s on your mind? waht do you think?
why do you talk this bullshit whenever you can?
why don´t you just shut up ´cause what you have to say
was said and was heard like 1.000 times before

got something to say? just mindless bla bla!
you open your mouth but nothing comes out
i am so sick of listening to you
don´t piss on my neck and tell me it´s raining!
Track Name: breaktime
going through the shift every day and night
my arms are weak and my back is tight
going through the shift every day and night
give me a break or i´ll start a fight

luchbreak... coffebreak... cigarettebreak...
just give me another break!

i on´t care what my boss will say
i´ll take my breaktime anyway
working hard is not for me
so i´ll take a break instead of breaking free
revolution? not today...
but some have found another way
Track Name: deutschland, du mieses stück scheiße!
zu gast bei freunden? der bürger, ein feind!
besoffen im taumel von reichseinigkeit

deutschland? dreckstück!

export deiner werte in alle welt
dein platz an der sonne bis nichts dich mehr hält
ein tritt in die fresse, dein mieses gesicht
es gibt nur den henker, es gibt kein gericht
Track Name: side by side
this is it / what i want
what i want for us
we will make our way
our way through this

let us both be responsible for how we live our lifes
let´s pull this through together / standing side by side

this is why i´m standing here
trying to deal with all my fear
take my hand we´ll make it right
walk together side by side

this is why i ask you now to help me standing straight
let´s pull this through together / us against the world